Atlantis Pendant- in Copper and Sterling

The Ring-of Atlantis was found in the second half of 19th century in the Valley of Kings in Egypt. The ring was at least several thousand years old and many people believe it was made in Atlantis. In Egypt, two other objects were found known as the Cross-of Atlantis and the Cross of the Nile (also known as Anch). Both the Atlantis Pendant and Ring use exactly the same symbol and pattern. The first is in a flat form, and the second as an open ring. This attractive pendant protects you against unwanted outside influences. The symbol is considered powerful telepathy aid and sensitizes you to psychic knowledge. The symbol should not come in steady contact with any other metal, Wear it on its own, away from other pendants. Because the pendant attunes itself to your energy, it should not be worn by others. You can safely remove it at night, when you shower, etc. 4.5 cm (1.8 Inch) Sterling Silver Made of sterling Silver 925- $32.30 or in Copper $22.00

Atlantis Pendant- in Copper and Sterling
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Price $22.00