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Through a Dog's Ear: Driving EditionAnimal-Speak: Using Animal Messengers, Totems, and Signs- CD Audio Book
Ted Andrews presents an audio workshop to help listeners identify, access, and understand their own animal spirits. Andrews provides an invaluable key with Animal-Speak--the art of calling upon the power of the animals in our lives.$24.95

Color Therapy CD- An educational and informative 90 minute CD w/guide-This wonderful CD highlights the indications of the specific colors and their application for healing effects - $50

0000125_calm-my-pet-music-cd  CALM MY PET MUSIC - special therapeutic music lovingly selected by Pamela Fisher, DVM

Calm My Pet Music  is specific musical compositions   to help pets cope with common phobias such as thunderstorms, household noises and stress. The special vibration of this music by Arden Wilken creates a harmonious environment for your animal companions while also improving their health and behavior.

This compilation provides soothing vibrational music therapy to help relax the animals and enable us to see our pets’ more natural and loving personalities. The music on this CD is designed with sound therapy and therapeutic music compositions to help the energy flow through the body with balance and calmness. $15.95

  • Play this music anytime during the day or night to promote relaxation and self-healing
  • Calm your pet while you are at home or away
  • Help your pet stay calm and focused for training
  • Play while waiting for Vet visit or grooming
  • Play on a low volume


Healing Touch for Animals® CD Volume I & II & III are innovative music CDs which assists animals and their people with relaxation, allowing the body to create an avenue to self healing and focus on calming for stress and a greater connection for animals to their people. $17.95

Through a Dog's Ear: Driving EditionHealing Music for Animals & Their People - Volume I
Volume I brings the energetic perspectives of Healing Touch for Animals® Techniques into music, composed by Arden Wilken, capturing the resonance represented by each technique in a unique way. The sound travels through the body promoting a movement of expansion and contraction that helps release blockages held within the body. It provides an additional tool to assist the animals and their people with relaxation, allowing the body to regulate the immune system and creating an avenue for self-healing. 

Healing Music for Animals & Their People - Volume II
The music from Healing Music for Animals and Their People-Volume II is intended to assist the listeners to reach their highest potential and achieve their goals of healing. Unlimited possibilities unfold as the music supports the listener through energetic equilibrium and balance. A neutral listening space is provided to open and clear any imbalance being experienced and replace those blockages with a steadiness to make change. Healing Begins!

Healing Music for Animals & Their People – Volume III
Celebration comes to mind with the strength of sounds in this musical composition. This music reaches a deeper resonance creating energy system stabilization while allowing a sense of lightness to body, mind and spirit. The listener is able to grasp optimum possibilities to self-heal. This CD is a must for those who desire the best of wellness for animals and people.

This music can be played during the day or night in any animal environment. Play this music in your home, veterinary hospital, barn, training facility, pet care center, shelter or zoo to provide a calm and healing environment for domestic or wild animals. This music can provide strengthening for healing, focus for competition, calming for stress and a greater connection for animals to their people.

Listening to this music will create a calm, relaxing environment. You can use this CD as background music during your daily routine or use with headphones for a deeper relaxation. This music is created to break-up chronic tension to help the body heal itself. You can listen by yourself or with your animal. This music is wonderful for massage.

Music Expectations
It is important to allow yourself to separate your normal consciousness and musical expectations about traditional music. The sound moves through the body promoting a movement of expansion and contraction that helps release blockages held in the body. Bring yourself to a place of awareness to absorb the relaxation and healing potential created by the movement of the music.

Low Volume Use
For animals, always use a lower volume. If you are using the music for people and animals at the same time, keep the volume lower, using it as background music. Animals are more sensitive to sound because of their instinctual nature. If you see them moving away from the music, lower the volume and allow them to find a comfortable place to take in the effects of the sound.

While Home Alone
This music is excellent support for an animal that is left at home while the owner is away. Remember to use a low volume setting due to the animal's natural sensitivity to sound. If you plan to repeat the CD throughout the day, set the volume extra low, as the sounds are accumulative and will build the effect as it plays.

Use During Training
The music will provide a calming effect to bring about more focus during any training. This CD is excellent to use as background, whether for a new puppy learning obedience or in an arena while training for high-level competitions.

The music in this CD creates deep relaxation and may cause drowsiness. Do Not Use this CD while Driving

ANIMAL HEALING Series by Margrit Coates, a world authority on animal healing and a renowned interspecies communicator.

Animal Healing DVDAnimal Healing DVD by Margrit Coates 
Hands on healing is a natural and safe help for animals that anyone can tune into. Sharing universal healing energy with animals helps us to draw close to them. There are many benefits that healing can bring to help emotionally, mentally and physically. Music from the album of Animal Healing. $19.95

Animal Healing CD by Perry Wood and Margrit Coates 
Perry Wood, fanatastic new artisit, working closely with the world-renowned animal healer Margrit Coates (who regularly writes for a well-known UK Newspaper) his debut album is now available in the hugely popular Mind Body and Soul series.
Aimed specifically for playing to animals from cats to horses the album cleverly avoids sounds that pets might find distressing. Margrit has already reported success with the album in the course of her daily work.
However like all the recordings in the Mind Body and Soul series, such is the quality of this calming beautiful music, that it also "crosses over" into a much broader appeal. This album will be popular with anyone looking for restful, tranquil, quality music. $15.95

Music for PetsMusic for Pets CD by Perry Wood and Margrit Coates 
Pets can benefit from the  healing sounds of music in a similar to humans. The music on this CD by Perry Wood has been specially composed by Perry Wood as suitable for playing to all animals.  The whole album is designed as a healing and relaxing chill-out experience for the animals that you love. "This beautiful healing and relaxing music helps us reach the soul energy of our pets." Many cells of the body including those of humans and animals contain living liquid crystals. These have subtle vibrations which are similar to those found in crystal stone, so therefore when we use these stones in our healing they link with the individual energy of the animal. The crystals also link with our own healing energy which then sends out a vibration amplifying our focus and intent to help. A particular crystal may even introduce a new 'fine tuning' vibration into the body which can help healing even further. $15.95

Animal AngelsAnimal Angels CD by Stuart Jones and Margrit Coates
"Music which is a celebration of the Angels in animal form that watch over us" - Margrit Coates. It is music also, to reflect the Angel quality of our four-legged teachers and guides. When I listen to this album with my pets, I can feel it awaken a powerful and magical connection between us.'
Angels surround us and watch over us all the time. They protect and guide us.. heal us. Angels are our teachers too, leading us to a deeper understanding of the natural world. As well as Animal Guardian Angels, watching over you right now, there are our family Animal Angels our pets and horses. Helping us, teaching us, bringing healing messages.. they are our earthly link with the Angelic Realms of light. Animal Angels reach out to touch our souls with their unconditional love, offering support and strength. $15.95

Connecting with AnimalsConnecting with Animals by Stuart Jones and Margrit Coates 
Connecting with animals takes place when we tune into them via our minds and hearts.  Animals communicate with us all the time, but humans often ignore this way of being or misunderstand what they are saying. When we activate our sixth sense, or intuition, then we can hear what animals say to us and learn how to help them.  Share this relaxing album with your four legged friends, so that they can guide you to a place of deeper awareness. $15.95

Assorted CDs and DVDs so you can learn more, relax more and enjoy your pets more! ;)
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